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Free ColdFusion Training For Students by Chennai ColdFusion User Group, India

Nov 15, 2008
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Chennai ColdFusion User Group is giving Free ColdFusion training for Students. This Training is intended to encourage the students to learn the basics of ColdFusion to build compelling Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Adobe ColdFusion 8.

In this comprehensive introduction to ColdFusion 8, you will learn the basics of Web Technology, Database fundamentals and how easy it is to use ColdFusion to create dynamic content to a website and how to use this powerful program to build scalable, durable web applications.

Date: 11/29/2008. Place: Chennai.
Contact: Akbarsait


pavithra on 2010-10-14
would there be any more training classes of this kind in near future

Akbarsait on 2010-10-15
Yaah we are planning for one and will keep posted here about the information.

alecken on 2011-01-04
When I searched for CF training, almost all of them are for basic training. Is there a way to post a more advance topic such as how to work with XML. how to work with 3rd party API, how to work with components???? This is more for the CF developer who have been working with CF for awhile but who have not yet had the opportunity to work with these fancy stuffs.

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