{ Akbarsait NoorMohamed }

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My name is Akbarsait Noormohamed (Akbar). I am living in Toronto, Canada, with my wonderful kids and spouse. I am a tech consultant with a keen interest in the web and data platforms and a strong believer in education and learning. You can check my LinkedIn profile for my professional experience and references.

I was an Adobe Community Champion for ColdFusion and Manager of Chennai ColdFusion User Group. I am an Engineering graduate with a major in Computer Science Engineering and a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from a city called the Greater Tiruchirapalli in India. I spent most of my time with my cute daughter Anika, son Aakif and spouse Bena.

This webspace is a hobby of mine and a side project to keep a reference for me and to share with others about the learning and the things I explored daily. The opinions expressed are my own and not those of my current or previous employers.

Recent Projects

My recent explorations can be obtained at the Project section that includes GetCFMLJobs.com. It is a career portal that fetches jobs from APIs with 1k+ views weekly and allows to post CFML positions for free.

My learning and experiments are available in the github repository.

About This Site

akbarsait.com is powered by the amazing 11ty version of the popular Chirpy Jekyll blog theme by Rene.

The previous version (from 2008-2023) of akbarsait.com was using BlogCFC and running on Lucee CFML Engine with MySQL as a backend and Bootstrap for front-end.