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Free ColdFusion Training by ColdFusion User Group, India

May 14, 2008
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India ColdFusion User Group is giving Free ColdFusion training in Hyderabad for Developers and IT Professionals to give further insight into the ColdFusion Technology. This Training is intended to encourage the People to learn ColdFusion to build compelling Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and components based on ColdFusion technologies.

ColdFusion is a technology that enables you to build sophisticated Web applications quickly and efficiently. It uses a markup language similar to HTML, so the learning curve is short. In this comprehensive introduction to ColdFusion MX, Mr. Ayub Khan shows how to use this powerful program to build scalable, durable web applications. Working along with Ayub, you’ll not only review skills such as working with databases, using forms, storing persistent data, creating dynamic charts, uploading files, and using email features, but you’ll also get a chance to apply this knowledge by building specific applications. This in-depth tutorial illustrates how you can make the most of ColdFusion’s common workflow and best practices in your own web development.

Date: 24th &25th May 2008
Place: Hyderabad Contact : Click Here

You can find more details about the training content at http://www.cfug.in/.