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Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source From Peachpit

May 06, 2008
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Adobe Flex 3 Training from the Source

Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source, is written by Jeff Tapper, Michael Labriola and Matthew Boles with James Talbot and and Published by Peachpit Press.

Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source book will teach you the details of building and architecting rich Internet applications (RIAs) with MXML and ActionScript 3.0. New Flex 3 features covered in this edition include the advanced DataGrid, WSDL Introspection, Modularizing the Flex application, using the Flex Profiler, and options for deploying your Flex project with AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). Written by a team of authors with practical experience consulting, mentoring, and developing courseware, there is no better resource for learning about these technologies.