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Using Result attribute in CFQuery to retrieve Auto-Generated Key on Insert in ColdFusion 8

Sep 14, 2008
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ColdFusion 8 added the functionality of retrieving the auto-generated key ID in the result structure of the CFQuery after the specific insert operation to each database used.

Database Specific Auto-Generated Keys:
Informix: SERIAL_COL
Oracle: ROWID

Here I’m inserting a value into the members table of my MySQL database.

<cfquery datasource=" MySQL_ChennaiCFUG " result="mysqlresult">
	Insert Into members (name) values ('Akbar')

Here is the Result structure when I dump it:MySQL with Auto Generate Key

This is extremely refreshing thing from ColdFusion 8 which reduces the developer time on writing another query to fetch the newly created row ID value.

Note: I have created another datasource name for the same database but I have used ODBC socket as datasource driver.


<cfquery datasource="MySQL_ODBC_ChennaiCFUG" result="mysqlodbcresult">
	Insert Into members (name) values ('Govindh')

The cfdump result for the above query:MySQLResult_WithoutAutoGeneratedKey

In the above dump GENERATED_KEY is not available but other items in the structure are available. Anyone have any idea about this scenario please comment.


KeRiCr on 2009-02-02
According to the livedocs, &quot;The result variable of INSERT queries contains a key-value pair that is the automatically generated ID of the inserted row; this is available only for databases that support this feature.&quot; This is just a guess, but by using the proprietary database driver in your first datasource, you're getting access to this support. By using generic ODBC in your second datasource, you're losing this support.

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