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Adobe Certified Expert For Adobe ColdFusion 8

Jan 01, 2009
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I wanted to share that I completed my ColdFusion 8 Certification and became an Adobe certified expert for ColdFusion 8 from today. I completed the examination in an hour. For preparation, spent a half-hour daily to learn insights of the tags/functions and that took me two months for the certification preparation. Having that said, I’m happy with this achievement as an ACE for ColdFusion 8.

Adobe Certified ColdFusion Expert

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Tofinha on 2009-01-01
Congratulations! Welcome to the team!

Balaji Manoharan on 2009-01-02
Congrates !Akbar..Its Really Great to Have 2 Cerficatification in Coldfusion.

Akbarsait on 2009-01-02
Thanks Tofinha and Balaji.

Steve Withington on 2009-01-07

Akbarsait on 2009-01-09
Thanks Steve.

Rupan Kumar on 2009-01-13
Congratulations Akbar!

KP on 2009-01-13
Nice re-design.

Madhan Mohan on 2009-01-16
Hi Akbar, CONGRATULATIONS on your Certification. Great to have another friend of mine as an ACE. Redisign in cool. Nice new look Boss.

Akbarsait on 2009-01-17
Thanks All :-)

Vijay on 2009-06-07
Hi All, Iam new to Coldfusion. Our company has shifted from Microsoft to Adobe. Iam interested in doing a certification in Coldfusion. I need help. Please email me. Regards VIjay Aaron

shariff on 2009-12-16
Congratulations Akbar!!

karuppusamy on 2011-04-06
i would like to do the certification in coldfsuion,so can any one give the details about the coldfusion certification?

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