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BlogCFC Redesign

Jan 13, 2009
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As part of 2009 task lists and to improve my knowledge in web design, I planned to change my blog UI. Hence, I played with the BlogCFC code and want to say it’s incredibly painless to change the entire theme and implement a new template for the blog. All the credits go to ColdFusion Jedi for his brilliant BlogCFC project to CF community. I used styleshout template for the theme and modified the design according to my interest. Let me know what you think about this change and thank you for reading my post.

Redesigned Home

Redesigned Blog section


Ben Nadel on 2009-01-13
Looking good my man :)

Lance on 2009-01-13
Very Nice! Looking good.

todd sharp on 2009-01-13
Looks really good, I like it! My blog is also in need of a redesign...if only I could find the time!

Akbarsait on 2009-01-13
@Ben Nadel Thank you very much :-) @Lance Thanks @Todd Sharp Thank you for your nice comments and btw your site is already looking really very good :-)

Ed on 2009-01-13
looks good indeed

Akbarsait on 2009-01-17
Thanks ED.

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