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Contribute to ColdFusion Cookbook and Win CF WACK and CF 8 Developer Tutorial Books

Nov 04, 2009
1 minute

I’m delighted to announce another ColdFusion Cookbook contest, as we all know Adobe recently launched the new ColdFusion Cookbook section. As of now it includes 123 great recipes. Therefore inviting all the ColdFusion developers to achieve the next target of 200 ColdFusion recipes.

To encourage the Cookbook contribution, we are conducting a contest, and the details are same as Ed announcement for 100 ColdFusion recipes contests. Once the target of 200 contributions, drawing for the CF WACK and CF 8 Developer Tutorial books will be initiated. If you contributed five of the 101-200 recipes, you would have five entries; if you contribute 10 of the 101-200, you have the chance for 10 entries. So submit more and share your recipes to Win ColdFusion Books.

Books Details

  • CF WACK Printed Books 2 copies.
  • CF 8 Developer Tutorial Printed Books by PACKT Publishing 2 Copies.
  • CF 8 Developer Tutorial e-books by PACKT Publishing 2 Copies.

Thanks to PACKT Publishing for sponsoring the four copies of CF 8 Developer Tutorials books and Ed Sullivan for giving the CF WACK books for the contest.