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Navicat MySQL Database Editor

Dec 30, 2009
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Tried and utilized some database administration tools for MySQL, but I felt like something was missing. Recently, started using Navicat for MySQL db management tool that provides what I required. It contains features that can be used to manage databases with a minimal amount of time.

Some of the key features of Navicat that I liked are transferring data between local and remote databases, visual editor, form viewer, schedule task, data and object dump features and many more. Also using Navicat, we can connect to multiple databases like MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL simultaneously. There is a free Non-commercial Lite version version is available for download with limited features.

What editors are you using for your MySQL database management? For me Navicat is an excellent utility that performs database management/administration easier.


Gary Funk on 2009-12-30
I've been using SQLyog for MySQL for as long as I can remember. It servers me well and has helped me solve many a problem. I'll take a look at Navicat as I'm always looking for new tools.

Akbarsait on 2009-12-30
@Gary I�m sure you will like Navicat over SQLyog!

Nick Sophinos on 2009-12-30
Yeah, I have been using Navicat on my Mac since 2006 and it is smooth.

Raul Riera on 2009-12-31
I switched from navicat lite to http://www.sequelpro.com/ it's pretty good! lots of features not included in navicat and it is open source (and very "cute" ui)

Charlie Griefer on 2009-12-31
I've been a happy Sequel Pro user as well. Altho recently Todd Sharp turned me on to mySQL Workbench (http://wb.mysql.com/). I've downloaded it, but haven't taken it for a test drive yet. Looking forward to doing so, as it sounds very impressive.

Jeff Pierson on 2009-12-31
I have also been using Navicat for about 2 years now. It has served me well and met my needs so far.

Akbarsait on 2009-12-31
@Nick Sophinos Thats really Awesome! @Raul Riera Let me give it a try and thanks for pointing! @Charlie Griefer Please blog about once you tried. @Jeff Pierson Sounds Great!

Gary Funk on 2009-12-31
@Charlie: I've been using MySQL Workbench since it was first in beta. It's really nice. @Akbarsait: I tried Navicat and while it's nice, SQLyog has so many more features and is the most powerful MySQL tool I have found.

Rick Mason on 2010-01-01
I actually had to use Navicat at my last job and really prefer SQLYog. My only beef with them is that they have yet to introduce a version for the Mac where I am spending more of my time these days.

Website Design Ltd on 2010-01-27
I have just started to use Navicat, it looks real good so far; do you have any useful Navicat resources (espically on implementing many to many relationships using multiple foreign keys as a primary key?)

TheOddOne on 2010-03-26
When it comes down to database editing and data editing (not running, backup etc) MySQL Workbench is a pile of crap. (Try edit a blob ("Text" rather) in table edit mode) SQLyog is better. Navicat is the betterest! (If it supported MS-SQL I would use it at work)

jorjes on 2013-06-29
Not so far I have found new cool tool to work with mySQL - Valentina Studio. Its free edition can do things more than many commercial tools!! I very recommend check it. http://www.valentina-db.com/en/valentina-studio-overview

Joesph on 2013-07-17
My only beef with them is that they need nonetheless to introduce a version for the mack where i am spending a lot of of my time currently I actually had to use Navicat at my last job and extremely like SQLYog.

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