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How to Enable Line Numbers in CFEclipse 1.3.2

Mar 06, 2009
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Problem: I got an issue when I installed the CFEclipse in one of my system at work place. The installed versions are Eclipse 3.3.2 Europa and CFEclipse 1.3.2 beta. In previous version of CFEclipse we have the option for enabling line numbers by selecting “Windows > Preferences > CFEclipse > Editor > Show Line Number Checkbox”. But this is not available in CFEclipse 1.3.2. There is another way for enabling is by right clicking the editor and check marking the “Show Line Numbers” this is also not worked for me. After goggling I have found the solution from CFEclipse discussion group.

Solution: Navigate to your Eclipse Workspace and open the File org.cfeclipse.cfml.prefs from “Workspace > .metadata > .plugins >. org.eclipse.core.runtime > .settings” folder and add this line at the end of the page.


Close the page and restart CFEclipse. Now you can able to see the line numbers in CFEclipse.


Jim Priest on 2009-03-06
Glad you got this working - it's also documented on our wiki: http://trac.cfeclipse.org/cfeclipse/wiki/KnownIssues

marc esher on 2009-03-06
this is fixed in the 1.3.3.x release which is available via the eclipse updater.

Akbarsait on 2009-03-06
@Jim Priest Thanks for the link. @marc esher Thanks for the information I'll update to latest version.

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