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Installing ColdFusion on Windows 7 with IIS 7

Jan 10, 2010
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I experienced some problems while installing ColdFusion 8 and configuring IIS7 on my Windows 7. Fortunately I got it solved immediately after referring to the solution at the web about configuring IIS 7 to work with ColdFusionby Dale Fraser, Paul Kukiel and Sameer Gupta. I am unsure why this problem is not addressed by Adobe, and I heard even with ColdFusion 9 the problem exist. Let’s hope Adobe will fix this issue with the upcoming ColdFusion 9 Update 1.


Brent Frye on 2010-01-11
I've installed ColdFusion 9 on 32-bit Windows 7 and the install was flawless, granted you need to ensure the IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility component is installed first, otherwise the ColdFusion connectors cannot interface with IIS 7.

Web Design Company on 2010-01-11
When installing ColdFusion on Vista or on Windows Server 2008 you may receive HTTP 404.3 Error, similar to this one: HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found Additionally if you run ColdFusion Web Server Configuration Tool, you will see a message saying that IIS components are being installed and could take between 2 to 5 minutes of time. You can resolve this error by making sure that the two required components of IIS are installed on your system. Namely: 1. ISAPI Extensions 2. IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility.

Akbarsait on 2010-01-11
@Brent Frye Yes I agree. It will be great if Adobe add the support for Native IIS modules in ColdFusion 9 which will really helpful and no need to do this manual process.

Akbarsait on 2010-01-11
@Web Design Company Thank for posting the information and I have followed the same steps for running ColdFusion in my Windows 7.

John Sieber on 2010-01-19
Thanks for the information as it applied to my Windows Server 2008/CF9 installation as well. ISAPI Extensions were already configured but I needed to add IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility before I could get into my administrator.

Akbarsait on 2010-01-20
@John Sieber Glad it helps and nice to hear it's works well with 2008 server.

MercaLoday on 2010-01-22
Thanks, That was just what I need to get CF9 working on Win7!

windows 7 on 2010-01-29
Hi, can i install this on windows 7 beta , because i am using windows 7 beta. Thanks

wtc on 2010-07-15
Can I install Coldfusion MX7 in Windows 7? Your help will be appreciated.

Alex on 2010-11-02
Thanks....this is exactly what I needed. Forgot to install the ISAPI stuff and the Metabase!

Tony on 2010-12-21
Have a problem of ColdFusion 9 installation in Vista. Cannot start up the administrator, but the Dreamweaver always come up, is this IIS7 problem or ColdFusion bug? Thank you for your help.

PC support on 2011-02-02
I gave up trying to get coldfusion running on my windows machine several months ago, thanks to your post I will give it another go. ta

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