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High Performance Web Sites by O'Reilly

Mar 26, 2010
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Last week I have completed reading High Performance Web Sites by Steve Souders and published by O’Reilly. This book helps me learn about how to improve the website performance and its response time.

Throughout the book Steve has surrounded every chapter with a detail set of examples with proven results like how a page was responding before and after implementing various techniques on improving the performance in websites.

Performance Golden Rule of the book: Only 10-20% of end user response time is spent in downloading the HTML document. The other 80-90% is spent downloading all the components in the page.

High Performance Web Sites

The book has been classified into 14 sets of rules/approaches. It teaches on how to make fewer HTTP request, improving performance by using CDNs or structuring external script/stylesheets. It also covers the rules in a clear way with examples that makes us to focus on analyzing the sites.

This is an essential book for everyone who is in web development and for people who uses to create and manage web sites. The book is greatly organized, clearly written with the complete researched set of rules. Overall High Performance web sites is complete guide not only for front-end engineers but for all web devs who want develop websites with great performance.