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CFDocs Google Chrome Extension

Nov 27, 2011
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CFDocs.org is one of the sites I visit often for ColdFusion tags/functions docs. Like my Google chrome extension for CFQuickDocs I thought of creating one for CFDocs as well so I created this little Google Chrome extension for CFDocs.org.

CFDocs Google Chrome Extension

CFDocs Google Chrome extension lets you search for a ColdFusion tag or function by just entering the keyword and hitting the search button. CFDocs extension transfers you to the CFDocs site to display the result of your search. I hope this extension will be helpful.

Thanks to Pete Freitag for this super-Fast CFDocs.org site.


John Sieber on 2011-11-29
Cool extension! Thanks for creating it and publishing it for others.

Akbarsait on 2011-11-30
Glad you like that and thanks for the kind words John.

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