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Hiding Whitespace, New Line and Carriage Return Characters in ColdFusion Builder

Jun 24, 2011
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Just a quick note to myself, this issue is happened to me previously and I somehow overlook how I addressed it. Yesterday I accidently enabled the whitespace characters in CF Builder that in turn displays the new line (\n) and carriage return (\r) characters as well in the Editor.

This is how my editor looks even after the “Show whitespace characters” is unchecked in preferences.

Preferences > Editors > Text Editor Section of my ColdFusion Builder.

Hiding Whitespace, New Line and Carriage Return Characters in ColdFusion Builder

After a bit of goggling, I got the solution from Raymond Camden blog for hiding the white space characters. To enable Show/Hide of whitespace/new line/carriage return characters in ColdFusion Builder/Eclipse all we require to utilize is CTRL + . (CTRL + DOT) key combinations.


Lola LB on 2011-12-27
The image is missing . . .

Akbarsait on 2011-12-28
@Lola - Image is available now.

Lola LB on 2011-12-28
No, it's still not showing up. I double-checked in another browser (Chrome) and the image is missing there as well.

Todd on 2012-02-09
THANK YOU SO MUCH! btw.... on Mac it's: Command + .

George Bridgeman on 2012-03-26
Thank you so much for this. Turned this option on by accident when trying to close a tag! On large monitors it slows CF Builder (Mac version) to an absolute crawl and gobbles all available CPU. George.

Akbarsait on 2012-03-29
@Todd & @George Glad to Help. @Lola The images is available now and thanks for letting me know.

Matt on 2012-05-25
Thaankyou for this, the amount of times i have accidently hit this keystroke and turned it on.

Nancy on 2012-10-16
Thank you George!!! I was searching for "coldfusion builder slows to a crawl" which brought this thread up. I never would have guessed it was the whitespace! Thank you thank you thank you. I was going out of my mind.

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