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CFMLThisWeek completes 1 Year and Packtpub Railo 3 book for 4 Subscribers

Nov 15, 2014
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Happy to announce the 1 year completion of CFMLThisWeek! newsletter. If you are reading this post and not aware about CFML Weekly then I would suggest you to subscribe to it - http://tinyletter.com/CFMLWeekly. It will give a quick snapshot of top CFML news, code releases, tutorials etc. Your Inbox will not be junked with irrelevant information and you can unsubscribe at any time.

PacktPub is giving away 4 copies of Railo 3 beginner Guide ebook to our subscribers. 4 winners from the random draw on the subscribers list will be receiving it by next week. With the release of Issue 24, CFMLThisWeek! has reached the inbox of 230+ and counting CFML lovers. The sections covered in the weekly are as follows.

  • Headlines & News (ColdFusion, Railo hotfix/release Updates, announcements etc.)
  • Articles & Tutorials (Top blog picks)
  • Code & Releases (Latest and Greatest release news about frameworks, CMS & other open source projects)
  • Listen & Watch (Videos and Podcast)
  • Trending CFML Project in GitHub over the Week
  • Latest CFML Jobs by Countries (This is from my getcfmljobs.com site)

If you are a subscriber and want to provide a feedback about the weekly, then kindly do so by commenting below. Looking forward for your suggestion/improvement areas in the above sections. Thanks for stopping and reading!


Pradeep Rajasekaran on 2014-11-15
Good stuff Akbar

Gary F on 2014-11-15
Thanks for continuing with the updates, Akbar. :-)

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