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Recent Projects

Listing some experimental explorations.

  • GetCFMLJobs.com aggregates the best CFML jobs on the web for developers. The primary intention is to simplify the CFML job search and to deliver the best ColdFusion jobs posted around the web. GetCFMLJobs.com is powered by the amazing ColdFusion and running on the Railo/Lucee CFML engine. Backend is using MySQL and Bootstrap 3 with jQuery for the responsiveness across the devices that handles 1000+ page views.

  • CFDocs Google Chrome Extension is a google chrome extension which allows you to search for any ColdFusion Tags and Functions reference in a lighting fast way using the CFDocs.org.

  • AppCore Creator is a ColdFusion Builder extension for creating core/required CF application files. It includes Application.cfc, error and missing template handler files for ColdFusion MX 7, CF8 and CF9 versions with the required methods and functions.
    Reviews by Raymond Camden: Here | Here | Here

  • ColdFusion QuickDocs Google Chrome Extension is a One-click search on utility for entire CF tags/function references for ColdFusion. It helps searching for CF versions 7, 8 and 9 at the CFQuickDocs.com.