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Converting BlogCFC blog to Eleventy

Mar 16, 2024
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This post outlines the steps for migrating an existing BlogCFC blog to a JamStack, with a focus on using Eleventy.

Blog Posts Conversion to MD Files: First, convert the existing blog posts to Markdown files. Since all the BlogCFC posts are data-driven, this simplifies the process of converting them to MD files. Adrian Moreno has created a three-step script to make this even easier. Simply use the ColdFusion scripts and customize them as needed

Comments Handling: Next, I needed to migrate the comments from the blog. Initially, I used the built-in comments functionality that saved comments to the BlogCFC database. Later, I migrated to Disqus. Despite the low comment count, I followed these steps to manage them.


Redirect and Netlify: If you’re hosting your blog on Netlify and intend to set up redirects for changes to your page URLs, create a new front-matter entry using the following script. This step is necessary only if you plan to alter the URL pattern from your previous blog to the new one.

The transition from BlogCFC to Eleventy was smoother than anticipated, and I successfully deployed the website on Netlify. Thanks to Adrian Moreno, Raymond Camden and Zach Leatherman. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

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